Limpopo Reserve South African Whisky

The Limpopo Reserve single barrel Whisky originates form Limpopo a beautiful province within South Africa that is in the northern parts of the country with age-old Boabab trees. It is in the heart of this province that you will find the “town of two summers” Phalaborwa.

It is these two summers that create the distinctive quality.

Limpopo Reserve Single Grain Whisky is fermented with grain and aged in oak barrels.  You will pick up a nose of musk and tasting notes of caramel and fruitcake.  The finish is soft ad lingers in your mind like a tranquil sunset picture in the bushveld of Limpopo Province.

Proudly South African.

In keeping with the finest traditions of craft-distilling, we omit modern day chill-filtering thus adding ice or water might cause a slight haze to appear just like a gentle mist on a Phalaborwa spring morning.

Tasting the Award winning Limpopo Reserve Whisky is a must when you visit the Kruger National Park.

The tasting room is open, stop over and taste the Aging Heimer Whiskey.

For more information on Whiskey use the link.

 Limpopo Reserve Single Grain South African Whisky.

The Limpopo Reserve Whisky won a bronze medal at the London Spirit Competition 2019.

To view the certificate please click attached link

Being good has never tasted better.

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