Grey hawk gin


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Small batch gin

Compare one small batch Gin to another the Inverroche gin and leave us some feedback.

The Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin is made by Qualito Craft Distillery which is a micro distillery. Every handmade and hand bottled batch is crafted with pride and poured with pleasure hence you can spread your wings with a distinctive craft gin that soars far above expectations.

The African Harrier Hawk

This Hawk is a frequent visitor to the wide bright-blue sun-swept sky above the Qualito Craft Distillery. Master of her high, clean and clear domain. Feathering the wind with flawless precision very hawk-eyed and missing nothing thus inspiring the creation of the Grey Hawk Gin.

The Area

Harnessing the perfect Lowveld climate and the crystal-clear waters of the Olifants River, our master-craftsmen keep a sharp eye on the distillation process from start to finish of each meticulous stage of every handmade, hand-bottled batch consequently Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin begins with carefully selected non-GMO grain and goes through a triple fractional distillation process, as a result we have complete control of the quality and character of every drop. And crafting the spirit to be as pure, clean and crisp as the Phalaborwa sky. Thus infusion Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin with traditional juniper berries and three carefully selected botanicals. Spread your wings with a craft gin that soars far above expectations and inhale the classic aroma of juniper, lemon zest and the other unique herbal notes. On the palate, anticipate bold juniper, sweet floral spice and fresh citrus as a result delivering a flora and spice finish.

Our classically crafted gin is as distinctive as the cry of the beautiful raptor that inspired its creation and therefor the product pairs with subtle cheeses and the smokiness of salmon or the sweet saltiness of oysters as perfectly as a pair of wings.

Feel free to compare the Grey Hawk to Inverroche gin and leave us some feedback.


  • Volume : 750ml
  • Alcohol : 43%
  • Not for sale to people under the age of 18