Jan de Jagter, Jagermeister like


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Jagermeister is a well known herbal liqueur.

Jan de Jagter is a South African herbal liqueur master piece.

Containing a Bold and balanced quality.

The precise herb and spice blend is a closely guarded secret that was developed over a 6 year period.

The classic aroma of bitter orange and a smooth caramel finish is undeniable in this ice-cold shot.

Unlike Jagermeister Jan de Jagter does not have that typical burning after taste.

Hunting for quality of life. For some it’s time to just enjoy being outdoors and seeing wildlife. For all of them though, it’s about making memories and some of them are just plain fun. Jan had himself a good dose of “bokkoors” So he had to find himself some South Africa games.

Jan is Confidence. Selfvertroue. Go itshepa– hy’s Jan de Jagter.

Geklee met sy khaki’s en original” vellies”, paradeer hy bos en bar trots met sy knipmes op sy heup uitgestal.

Hy maak die bokkies en poppies se knieë lam.

He unifies a whole nation with the sound of one word: LEKKER.

No matter the occasion, time, date or place, he will always come.

Hy kom nes hy is.

Met sy gladde karakter blaas hy lewe, nei, siel in elke slukkie.

He does not pick fights. Hy omhels jou met warmte. With a lingering taste, leaving you wanting more; dit proe soos NOG.

– hy’s Jan de Jagter

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Girls Girls please come and play.