Heimer Whiskey.


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Heimer Pure Single Grain South African Whiskey

Holding authentic hand-crafted South African whiskey up to the light. will remind you of a Lowveld sunset or the heartwarming coals of a Rooikrans campfire. The rich golden tones is the gift of time.

The whiskey is aging in red win oak barrels. The distiller then adds oak flakes to each individual bottle which allows for maturing over time. With the passage of time, notes of hazelnut and butterscotch flow gently into each other just like the Olifants and Gai Selati Rivers come together in this beautiful valley that we call home hence resulting is a perfectly balanced pure single grain with distinctive quality and exceptional smoothness.

In keeping with the finest traditions of craft-distilling, we omit modern day chill-filtering thus adding ice or water might cause a slight haze to appear just like a gentle mist on a Phalaborwa spring morning.

Tasting the Heimer Whiskey is a must when you visit the Kruger National Park.

The tasting room is open, stop over and taste the Aging Heimer Whiskey.

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  • Volume : 750ml
  • Alcohol : 43%
  • Not for sale to people under the age of 18