R O U T E  7 1

Route 71 Craft Vodka Crush is what happens when meticulous craft meets inspired creativity. Welcome to a brand-new party of innovative ice cocktails that deliver more colourful fragrant fun than a riot of Lowveld flowers. Pick from a bouquet of fresh flavours combined with the ladylike touch of Qualito Craft Distillery Vodka and delivered in a wonderfully cooling crush of ice.
Route 71 is the brand-new spirit of delight and surprise.

Not content to follow the path of tradition, or stay within the confines of the straight and narrow, Route 71 Craft Vodka Crush was Loumarie Raubenheimer’s way of bringing a refreshingly feminine touch to the art of the master distiller, handcrafting a variety of fruity essences including Melon, Litchi, Apple and Cranberry into freshening variations on a theme of low-alcohol, low-calorie high quality cool.
The party hasn’t stopped.

The real Route 71 is a highway of holidays on a journey to discovery.
Sounds a lot like Loumarie’s Craft Vodka Crush.

Route 71
Craft Vodka Crush

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I c y  C o o l .
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